5 reasons to start your little one on a Balance Bike

5 reasons to start your little one on a Balance Bike

5 reasons to start your little one on a Balance Bike




1. Balance Bikes teach the correct way to ride a bicycle.

When riding a balance bike, your little one will quickly learn the mechanics of riding a real bike. When they turn the handlebars to the left for example, they need to learn to also lean to that side to counter the movement of the bicycle. When riding a tricycle or a bike with training wheels the movement is reversed. and they’ll need to unlearn everything when stepping up to a real bicycle with pedals.

2. Balance bikes are very safe.

Your little one will start just by pushing themselves along with their feet, no scary confusing pedals involved, no risk of falling off and hurting themselves as the seat is much lower to the ground. They can even be used indoors without making a mess or ruining the floors.

3. Progress occurs naturally, and at their speed.

Your little one can progress with their riding skill at their own pace. There no big skill jumps involved that add risk of injury. When they are confident moving along, they can pull their feet up just for a second and glide along all by themselves. If they lost balance they can just put their feet back down quickly. As they get more confident they can keep their feet up longer and longer. It’s this slow simple progression that makes balance bikes safe, fun and confidence inspiring.

4. Easy to transport, quick to get going!

A balance bike is ready to go when you purchase it, there’s no fiddling about adding those pesky training wheels. Just adjust the seat height and off your little one goes! They’re also really light and can be stored away easily.

5. They look great!

Your little one will be so excited when you bring them home their very own bike! Even if it is a little smaller and lacking pedals. With a natural wood construction and fun bright colours they’ll be sure to spark joy on your little cyclist’s face every time they jump on!

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