Play Based Learning

Play Based Learning

Play Based Learning

A child’s love of learning is linked with an enthusiasm for play.

Play based learning draws from children’s natural desire to engage in experiences based on their interests, strengths and developing skills. When children initiate play, they are more motivated to learn and develop positive attitudes towards learning.

Children have busy minds, and whether they are learning new physical skills or developing social relationships, they approach life with a playful and creative spirit. The secret to helping young children learn is keeping that spirit of creative learning and play alive. It’s important to create appropriate spaces where children have the opportunity to play and learn.
Play is vital to children’s wellbeing and sense of belonging, and is a big part of who they become in the future. When play and learning are woven together, children are more likely to develop positive attitudes towards learning and real understandings of the world around them. This enhances their sense of self and gives them a strong base from which they can become competent and capable individuals in an ever changing world.


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