The Best Wooden Toys to Kick-Start Your Collection

The Best Wooden Toys to Kick-Start Your Collection

The Best Wooden Toys to Kick-Start Your Collection


So you’ve been thinking it’s time to start building your own gorgeous collection of Wooden Toys, to take that first step in helping nurture your little one’s development in the best way possible. (Not to mention build a collection of toys that is worthy of an instagram post, with a few choice hashtags thrown in for good measure.)

But where to start? Well, you’ve already identified that Wooden Toys are the way to go these days. The long list of benefits gives more than enough reason to give plastic toys the flick. Here are a few Wooden Toys that would make the perfect start to your collection:


The classic wooden Abacus. While the exact origin is unknown, the abacus was widely used centuries before the invention of our modern numeral system. The simplicity of sliding wooden beads along a wooden pole make them such a great way to teach little ones the skill of counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Moving those beads also requires fine motor control and a good degree of concentration!

Building Blocks

When it comes to open-ended play, a set of building blocks is hard to go past. The sheer amount of stories, scenes or situations your child can literally build themselves is only limited by their imagination! You can even influence the style of play by opting for a themed set of building blocks, such as a cityscape, or perhaps a royal castle. By choosing Wooden building blocks you’re ensuring your child can unleash their creativity for years to come in a safe manner.

Wooden Animals

Kids love animals. That’s just a proven fact. So it makes sense to add some wooden animals to your collection! Whether it’s a more lifelike representation or a small wooden figurine, your little one will no doubt enjoy imitating the sounds they make while playing along! It’s also common for animals to also be incorporated with various developmental activities, making for very effective multi-activity toys. This Elephant for example, is a perfect toy that ticks all the boxes, and looks great as well!

ABC Blocks

We already mentioned the importance of numerical learning, so we have to touch on the alphabet too! A set of ABC blocks is like the quintessential wooden toy, they’re iconic and for good reason. Obviously sturdy, easy to hold and grasp, and can be stacked on top of each other and made to form words and names. ABC blocks are a must have for the little learner.  As well as a great resource for teaching the alphabet, ABC blocks often feature drawings starting with the letter on each block.

Shape Sorters

While building blocks certainly have their place and are perfect for that open-ended play style, a quality shape sorting toy can take learning to a new level. As well as learning the names and colours of the shapes they’re playing with, shape sorting toys require real problem solving from your little one to get those pesky shapes into their respective holes! Sorters come in various styles, like a simple Cylinder Shape Sorter, a cute Turtle Pull-along with shape sorter shell, or even a pretty butterfly with shapes that must be stacked together.

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