What is Montessori? How can it help your child's education?

What is Montessori? How can it help your child's education?

What is Montessori? How can it help your child's education?

*This article is for educational purposes only. Woodsprout Toys is not endorsed in any means by Montessori*

Being a parent you want what’s best for your child, whether it be stylish clothes or the latest toys. Then as you’re scrolling Social Media you come across the “Montessori Method”, or “Montessori toys”. You’ve never heard this term before and it piques your interest. What is Montessori?

Definition: Montessori is a type of approach to children’s education that helps build solid foundations to aid them through life. Montessori is based on the principle that schooling of children should work with the nature of the child instead of against it. 

The Montessori educational system has undergone continued development over the last century to assist in the growth and learning of children based on scientific study and research. The Montessori approach aims to allow children to follow their natural development and inspire them towards a lifelong love of learning. This way of education encourages children to be independent learners, to trust in their own abilities, and to become confident and responsible human beings.

History: Montessori learning was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori who was a physician, an anthropologist and an educator. The Montessori method evolved throughout her professional career by intense scientific observation of children of various ages from varying backgrounds.

Montessori Materials: Each activity is used to help stimulate independent learning from the child involved. Every piece of material or toy has a specific purpose. If it is used incorrectly it should be evident. Take for example a puzzle piece not fitting into its remaining hole. This method allows the child to see their obvious mistake and thereby encourage problem solving techniques and independent work to see a positive and correct outcome.

Through my own research I found a table explaining the differences between traditional education and Montessori education, which I found useful and perhaps you will too! (https://montessori.org.au/differences-between-montessori-and-traditional-education)

Montessori Education

Traditional Education

Based on the natural development of the human being

Based on the transfer of the national curriculum

Children learn at their own pace and follow their interests

Children learn from a set curriculum according to a time frame that’s the same for everyone

Children teach themselves using materials specifically prepared for the purpose

Children are taught by the teacher

Children can work where they are comfortable, move around and talk while not disturbing others

Children are assigned their own seat and are encouraged to sit still and listen during group sessions

Child works as long as they need on a project

Child generally given specific time limit for work

Working and learning matched to the social development of the child 

Working and learning without emphasis on the social development of the child

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