The Benefits of Wooden Toys and the Environment

The Benefits of Wooden Toys and the Environment

The Benefits of Wooden Toys and the Environment

The Benefits of Wooden Toys and the Environment



I remember as a kid that the majority of our toys were wooden. We had wooden blocks, wooden billy carts, wooden board games and more. I remember the feel of the wood; smooth and strong, these toys were made to last. Wooden toys have never really disappeared and are now making a comeback as we are becoming more aware of the impact we are making on the environment through the choices we make. We know our planet is suffering, and so we need to make changes. You may think that swapping to predominantly wooden toys is such a small change to make, but in the words of Mahatma Ghandi “The future depends on what we do in the present”. Every little change will help to preserve our planet and if to you that means buying wooden toys, well you have made a good choice.


Sadly these days, there are far too many cheap plastic toys available that often overwhelm children when they are making choices about which toy to play with. I touched on this in my previous blog post but I feel the need to revisit this point because it is super important given where our planet is right now in 2020. We know our planet is suffering and we need to make changes to our consumer habits. Good quality wooden toys are organic, made from a renewable substance, are biodegradable and can be recycled. When you give your child wooden toys, you are playing an important part in working towards creating a healthier planet and teaching your child that caring for our planet is an important value to uphold.


Plastic toys are made from toxic substances whereas good quality wooden toys are made from ethically sourced timber and decorated with non toxic paint. Wooden toys also give children the chance to connect with the natural world. When children ask the question “Where did my toys come from?” or “What are they made from?” it’s far easier to answer if they are wooden toys rather that plastic ones. Unfortunately you would probably need a chemist or scientist to explain all the nasties in plastic.


Another strong argument for the benefits of wooden toys vs plastic toys is that they are safer than metal or plastic. We all know that children love to put things in their mouths. This is not a concern with well made wooden toys, but unfortunately plastic toys (especially the cheaply made ones) can break easily, potentially leaving sharp edges and small parts that may cause harm to your child. By comparison, wood offers less risk in this way. Not only are wooden toys safer, but they will be of great benefit to your child’s health and well being.


Woodsprout Toys are committed and passionate about ensuring you and your child have access to unique and quality educational, fun toys that will last a long time and are played with for many years through the generations of your family. I still have a box of wooden blocks that my children played with and are in excellent condition waiting for grandchildren to enjoy them. You may have also noticed that Woodsprout Toys are continually sourcing well made ethical wooden toys to ensure that you will always be able to find the exact right gift or toy for any occasion.


Some interesting facts to consider when buying toys:

  • Surround your child with natural materials that they can learn about and explore. Does this mean absolutely no plastic allowed? Not quite, but limiting plastic toys is the key to your child developing a sense of care towards our planet.
  • Think about toys that will encourage your little one to become engage in open-ended, imaginative play with toys that don’t require batteries. 
  • Even though toys such as a single-shape puzzle, a rattle with a bell on it or a hammering work bench are all single-skill toys, they also teach the skills to develop and build their knowledge of how things work. They are more likely to have a go at more challenging concepts as they grow and develop their thinking
  • Toys that are realistic and have a purpose are more likely to teach children about how the world works. These types of toys give children the chance to mimic what they observe and be able to make up their own games and stories through the use of their imagination”.


Wooden toys are a great way to encourage your baby to learn through play. Open ended toys allow children to control how they play with the toy, learning different skills and creating their own interactions. At Woodsprout Toys the focus is on sensory play, colours, sound and other educational skills so that your little one is having fun, while developing essential skills to become a kind and caring member of society who will look after our planet.  


I hope you are enjoying my Blog Posts! If you have any questions or if there is a topic you would like to know more about, please ask me and I will respond through my Blog or directly to you.


Warmest Smiles,

Jenni 😊


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